Technology Turnaround Management

Get a Higher ROI from Your Technology

Since 2002 Winning Technologies has specialized in helping companies turn around underperforming technology departments.

This has been a passion of Scott Lewis's for 30 years since his days at IBM and General Electric. Scott has been teaching companies to manage, budget, and have the same level of expectation of their technology departments as they do any other business unit within their company.

Over 30 Years of Experience
Team Approach and Accountable

Designed Over 1,300 Systems
Worked with over 800 IT Departments

Winning Technologies, under Scott's leadership, has developed a proven methodology that has saved companies millions of dollars in wasted spending, and improved work processes. The firm has implemented technology that is manageable, sustainable, and has increased productivity and lowered the total cost of ownership.

It is critical to take a look at the overall objectives of your business in comparison to your IT department and develop an IT strategy that supports and builds on your business objectives and goals.

Winning Technologies will work with your management team, in-house technical personnel or outsourced company to help you identify areas of concern. We then work to put forth a plan that can be managed, with educational roles, empowerment roles, and a clear accountability model that allow you to increase productivity, improve client services, and become more profitable.

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The Winning Technologies Advantage

Winning Technologies consulting team has a long history of success in the area of Turnaround Management. If you want the truth, if you want to fix your technology services, if you want a plan around Education, Empowerment and Accountability to get higher levels of productivity and increase your profits, Winning Technologies can help.

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