Quality Control

Quality Control Advocates

The Winning Technologies Quality Control Advocates play a mission critical role in our outsourced methodology and our clients overall satisfaction with the experience of outsourced technology management.

Winning Technologies methodology of inclusion within your business is based on awareness and accountability. Through our online Helpdesk system we collect a huge amount of data on your business and we maintain a historical account of all activities such as support issues, projects, parts and equipment purchases.

Our Quality Control Advocates are the front line in oversight, providing reporting, escalation management, problem resolution and working directly with you on issues that need a higher level of oversight.

The Winning Technologies Quality Control Advocates work directly for the CEO of Winning Technologies, Scott Lewis, because the mission of the Quality Control Advocates is to be that advocate for the client within Winning Technologies. This helps ensure that we are meeting our goals for your satisfaction, mean time to repair and we are held accountable to the overall mission of Extreme Customer Support. The Quality Control Advocates have the ability to dispatch additional resources nationwide, escalate parts and equipment, and bring a higher level of urgency to meet your expectations.

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